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Our society and economy depend on people who work hard. During their work, they are exposed to a variety of risks. We want to provide these hard workers with the right knowledge and resources to protect themselves properly.

We realize that these people play an indispensable role in our society. And it is precisely these people who deserve safety and comfort when they help build our country. So that they come home safe and healthy every day.

Despite all the attention to safety, many accidents still occur in the workplace every year. A large part takes place in construction, industry and offshore. The cause often lies in the non-use or incorrect use of PPE and protective clothing. The user is often unaware of the risks and unfamiliar with laws and regulations. This creates a gap between the legal obligation and the application in daily practice.

We are originally a wholesaler or work clothes, shoes and PPG (Personal Protective Gear). We have been doing that for more than 50 years! Over the years, we have expanded our service range by providing PPG scans, training courses, tests, cleaning and PRO-account, and have become a complete Partner in work safety. 


Safety, comfort & appearance

We assess our products on the basis of three product values: safety, comfort and appearance. Three important values that motivate people to pay attention to work safety.

With our feet in the dirt
Our family business has for decades been a familiar name among dredging companies. In the Alblasserwaard region of the Netherlands, where many of the well-known dredging companies are located, we have taken on an important role. Our customers have remained, but our focus has widened to include other sectors with strict requirements: we now also operate in Offshore, the (Petro) Chemical industry, heavy industries like metal, but also construction, installation, Landscaping and Logistics, areas where personal protection is also a vital aspect!

Our organization can be divided into 5 disciplines:

Strategic PPE-advisers
“As PPE-advisers, we spend every day unburdening employers, allowing them to focus on their business. After all, we are all certified PPG advisors

After assessing the risks, wishes and requirements, we offer multiple solutions, letting employers and employees decide what they prefer."


Operational PPE-advisers
“Most customer contacts go through us. We provide back-up to the account managers. We are also certified PPG advisors, which allows us to provide customers with any information they may need. 

Every customers has a dedicated contact, which is both efficient and personal. Many question scan be solved over the phone or via e-mail, making it possible to provide a fitting solution without too much effort.”


“Of course, all orders result in a multitude of logistical actions. And that has to be tailored to each customers: some people want their clothes delivered at home, while others want to divide the pallets among several locations. Over the years, we have organized our logistics so that we can meet every demand. Not only when it comes to the deliveries we make, but also in terms of sealing, embroidering and our pick-up desk. 

And throughout all the hustle and bustle, we create a pleasant working atmosphere!”


We try to make clothes as personal as possible. A nice way to realize this is with printing. In the printing department, clothing is provided with logos, slogans, and so on. We keep a close eye on whether clothing continues to meet the standard. Think of RWS clothing whose striping may not be covered.

The duration and temperature of the printing process may vary. Our specialists also know exactly which treatment is required for each substance. We ensure the best result!


Safety Shop
"In addition to the supply of large numbers, we also offer the possibility to view and try on clothes and PPE in our shop. Based on your work, our store employees will help you make the right choice. Customers can also pick up ordered goods here.

In our SafetyShop we also have a spacious meeting room. Combined with the shop, this also offers opportunities for meetings such as our SafetySeminars."


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