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Sustainability is hot. But how can you realize your ambitions, when personal safety is your top priority? We have been discussing that subject for years with various chain partners on the basis of the question: which generation are we protecting today? Together, we are working on solutions that protect the current and future generations.



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Sustainable selections
When selecting work clothes, a responsible production chain is an important requirement. In addition, the raw materials being used also play a crucial role. Depending on the safety requirements, we assess which products have the lowest environmental impact, based on the use of raw materials, the production process and the life span. Through our PPE scan, we map your needs and provide you with sustainable alternatives. 

Care and maintenance
The life span of products is partly determined by their design, although other factors also play a role, like cleaning and maintenance. Together with our customers, we select the cleaning method with the lowest environmental impact, while maintaining safety. We look at the environmental impact of the logistical as well as the washing process. That guarantees an optimal life span and protection throughout the entire period.

New techniques make it possible to reuse old clothes as new products or clothes! A careful process management is required to use the basic fabric in new clothes. Together with various market parties, we help reprocess used PPE and work clothes. We provide the reverse logistics for our partners and offer next use applications to contribute to the circular economy.

Are you inspired? Or do you want to be inspired? Give us a call. Together we can explore how we can make your PPE or work clothes more sustainable.

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