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The risk of falling, drowning, burning or cutting: every sector has its own risks. Unfortunately, the number of accidents is not falling, so personal protection is a genuine necessity! We have been servicing numerous customers in a variety of sectors. Because our PPE experts take a look in people’s work environment, they are familiar with the risks and able to offer fitting protection.

The work in the (petrochemical) industry is characterized by difficult circumstances, which is why protective clothing and PPE are essential to the safety of the employees. Wijngaarden VeiligGoed has been servicing customers in this sector for many years, which means we have the necessary experience and a fitting product offering for work in the petrochemical and heavy industries. 

The offshore is a (partly) invisible, but vital sector in the global economy. Much work is done on ships, oil platforms and wind farms. We have decades of experience in providing personal protection for this sector, which means we can provide you with expert advice.

Municipalities and governments
Slippery roads, bad weather and poor lighting. Many employees at regional water authorities, social work places and other government agencies often face adverse weather conditions. In addition, circular PPE and work clothes are an important item in this sector. We are happy to work together with you to meet this challenge!

These days, construction is a demanding setting: it has to be quick, beautiful and safe. We want to support the hard-working construction workers in the Netherlands. Not only with protective gear, but also with comfortable gear. Comfort makes the work easier and makes it more likely that people will protect themselves!

Working in inaccessible locations and places where static clothes are not allowed requires flexible and safe clothes. But also in adverse weather conditions, like rain and show, comfortable work clothes and shoes are needed. We offer numerous products that meet the sector’s strict requirements!

Forestry and landscaping
Working in green and forested areas has its own set of challenges and risks. Think of insects, working at heights or near busy roads. It is the kind of work that requires sturdy clothes and personal protection equipment. If possible with the company logo.

Transport en logistics
Safety and visibility are important keywords in the logistical sector. They are also keywords that appeal to us. With a large selection of protective clothes, there is always a fitting alternative for your people, as we have experienced in recent years. We keep ourselves updated about the latest standards and safety regulations. Which is why we are always able to give you the best safety advice!


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