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Comfortability, safety and a business card for your organization. The way your people look is becoming increasingly important. We also see it as a great opportunity to create support for safety clothing. If your people are proud of their business outfits, there is more support for wearing safety clothing. 

Representative and uniform
In most projects, look and feel play an important role. Together with marketing, production managers and end-users, we create a representative, uniform look. A sight to see if you look across your factory hall or construction site!

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Both clothing and PPE
How we work on your look & feel? That starts when we select one line. Although each function may require different clothing, it is always possible to stick to one concept. That applies not only to clothes, but also to helmets, shoes, gloves, etc. 

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Printing and embroidering
Clothing is made more personal through a logo. Almost every clothing item we deliver is printed or embroidered. In addition, most PPG items are provided with stickers with company logos.
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Specials are the most unique solution. Together, we designed a new clothing item. First we map your wishes regarding safety, comfortability and look & feel. With that wish list in mind, we design a test model, which several end-users are then invited to test. On the basis of that experience, we make further adjustments to the test model, with an eye on safety, but also on comfortability, in the form of additional pockets, zippers, insulation, adjustment bands, etc. Ultimately, this process results in your own, unique work clothes!

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