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Every company wants representative and proud employees. Business closing can help achieve that. Through the right clothing and coloring, you create a uniform, professional appearance. In addition, by selecting the right clothes, you can make sure your people are comfortable.

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We offer you a range of casual and work clothing, including:


The logistical staff of Nature’s Pride work under specific circumstances. They work in cooling cells with varying temperatures. We came to the conclusion that the existing options did not provide the right solution, and set up a project in which we asked the people at Nature’s Pride to test specially  designed clothing. That way, we were also able to generate internal support for the clothes, which led to a result of which both Nature’s Pride and Wijngaarden VeiligGoed can be proud..


Our brands

Wijngaarden VeilligGoed has a range of trust suppliers when it comes to the brands we provide. Each brand has its own appeal, core values and features.

Why comfortable?

Hoewel je geen veiligheidskleding hoeft te dragen, kan het werk wel zwaar zijn. Comfort speelt een rol in motivatie en werktevredenheid. Dit realiseren we door het model en de kledingstof.

Allereerst kijken we naar de werkomstandigheden van uw medewerker. Als een medewerker bijvoorbeeld te maken heeft met temperatuurwisselingen, heeft hij isolerende en ventilerende kleding nodig. Hiervoor zijn verschillende isolerende voeringen mogelijk. Tevens leveren wij ook thermo onderkleding, T-shirts en broeken. Ook voor werk in weer en wind hebben we comfortabele oplossingen. Denk aan jassen en broeken die zowel regenbestendig als winddicht zijn.
Het is officieel geen veiligheidskleding, maar de werknemer zal hierdoor zijn werk wel efficiënter uitvoeren.

Why looks?

People are your most important business card. By letting them wear cloths in the company colors, you create a powerful, uniform appearance. First of all, it creates team spirit. In addition, it makes a professional impression towards your stakeholders. Especially if the work clothes are personalized with a logo. 

Why design clothes yourself?

When talking about larger production numbers, it is possible to design a model yourself, developing a unique outfit that perfectly matches the workplace. In addition, to coloring, you can decide where the buttons, pockets, linings, reflection elements, etc. will be placed. 
Of course, this is also an option with safety clothing, as long as it does not get in the way of the protective elements.


Can't figure it out? Please call me for additional advice. It is important that you make a safe choice!

Batina - Operational PPE-adviser
+31 184 434 455

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