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As an employer, you want to provide your people with the right clothing and PPG. But often, there’s a lot of paperwork involved. In many cases, different jobs require a different PPG or clothing package. In addition, employees want to replace worn clothing items as soon as possible, while in other cases, they work in different locations.

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A personalized web shop
For organizations we recommend  using our personal web shop: the PRO-account, where your employees can order their own products. As their employer, you decide which products they can order in in what quantities. The data, like delivery address and clothing sizes, have all been personalized.

Functon starter kit
With new employees, it can can be hard to know which PPG and clothes to order for their job. Which is why we provide a starter kit, where the employer selects a limited number of PPG/clothes for the new employee. 

That way, you can prevent new or temporary employees from order to many clothes /PPG. Over time, the employer can extend that starter kit.

There are different ways to order:
1. Manager/Employer orders on behalf of employees
2. Employees place the orders themselves, with an approval step
3. Employees place the orders themselves 

As far as delivery is concerned, there are also different options:

1. Delivery at the business location
2. Delivery at home address
3. Pick-up in our Safety Shop

You can decide what type of credit to give your employees:

1. Euros
2. Credits

Representive look
Compose your own safety clothing

Appearance on the work floor becomes more important.


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How do we make PPE sustainable?

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