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Normally speaking, PPE are freely provided or stored in a warehouse, which means that people always have to present to hand out the PPE.

The PPE store can be compared to a candy or soda machine. But at VeiligGoed, we see it as the ultimate way to improve safety in the workplace. Now, our customers can provide their employees with customized safety and cut costs at the same time. Think, for instance of essential PPE which is used a lot, like ear plugs, dust masks, gloves, etc. A summary of the benefits:

Available 24/7 

Normally speaking, PPE are freely provided or stored in a warehouse. That means that your people continuously have to visit a central warehouse, where people have to be present to hand out the PPE. In addition, they have to maintain the stock levels and make sure new PPE are purchased in time. Which is all quite time-consuming.

The PPE store solves all those problems. The machine is always available, during work, but also at break times. In the morning, as well as during the night shift. And your people can get their own PPE from the machine, without the need for warehouse staff.



The employee logs in using his company tag or pass. That will also tell you who uses which PPE and how much, giving you a clear overview of the risks in the workplace. Do certain people use little PPE? Or is the opposite the case, and do they use more than necessary?

Not only does it provide you with valuable information, via a dashboard, you can regulate this for teams or individuals. For instance: welders can only use welding PPE and maintenance mechanics a maximum of 2 dust masks per day. That way, you keep control of the PPE usage.


Cost saving

That is also the third advantage: because employees use PPE more wisely, the costs will drop considerably. Tests at large companies show that PPE costs are reduced by 20-40%, making the PPE store a valuable investment that will more than pay for itself.

We like to tell you more about this. Would you like to know more? Then please contact out Strategic PPE advisor Patrick Verheij. 


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