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A PPG with a long lifespan is safer and less expensive. So maintenance and inspection are important and, in many cases, legally required as well. As a PPG supplier, we think it is important for our products to provide protection as long as possible. 

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Industrial cleaning
We provide cleaning for the industrial clothing of several companies. That way, you are sure that the clothes are treated properly. In addition, we make sure that the clothes rotate, giving them the same lifespan. 

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​Many PPG require regular inspections. That way, your personal safety is guaranteed. We are always available for PPG inspections. If you are in doubt whether your PPG is still valid, you can also have it verified by us.

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Maintenance of sets
​With sets, it is important not to lose individual elements. Think, for instance, of climbing harnesses. A ‘content card’ is a suitable tool for that. Check before and after each shift whether all the elements are still present.

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