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Damen Shipyards case

We’ve had a relationship with Damen for many years and are proud to have serviced varies shipyards. But we see an increasing shift from delivery to selection and outsourcing when it comes to clothing and PPE. A good example is the selection of a completely new clothes line for one of the largest shipyards in Europe: Damen Shipyards Galatz in Romania.

In July 2019, we extended our contract with DAMEN. Click here for the background information

HSEQ coordinator Christian Bazen:
“Our biggest shipyard used to be in Galatz, by now we added a larger shipyard to the group. At the end of 2017, they came to us with a request for a new clothes line for 3000 employees.

It took a little longer than we expected, but we have taken a critical look at the current standard. Together, we have examined the minimum requirements and at the same time tried to maintain as many nice to haves as we could. That resulted in a combination of the best practices."

Christian Bazen

“With such an intensive project, he end result is better than the one we could have realised with a quickie"

We want to generate as much support for the clothes line as possible, which is why VeilgGoed made an instruction video in Romanian. An ideal solution for informing the employees and encouraging them to work safely. 

What is characteristic of the collaboration with VeiligGoed is the frank and open exchange of views. That creates understanding and insight into the choice that are made. With this project, we explored the possibilities together, solved the impossibilities and ended up with a solution that is better than the one we would have been able to realize with a ‘quickie’”. 


Nature's Pride case
How do you create unity between different functions?

Nature's Pride developed and tested a unique special for the entire logistics organisation.


Representive look
Compose your own safety clothing

Appearance on the work floor becomes more important.


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